MAC provided a complete DC package upgrade that was comprised of a four track overhead rail stinger system.

New York City Transit Authority Stinger Project

Included were 17 power drops, 67 auxiliary drops used to provide motive and hotel power to the trains in the maintenance facility. The stinger is powered by an 8-section DC switchboard line-up. The system consists of two 4000A switches for normal-reserve feed, six 2000A switches and 1250A contactor set for the overhead rail stinger system. The power control and warning system is controlled through the integration of multiple control panels, emergency push buttons and red/green ceiling lights and horns. In addition, we provided 3000A track knife switches, negative bus bar cubicles, fiberglass connector boxes and specialty cast copper lugs and cable connectors.

Complete System Supply

MAC manufactured and supplied the Stinger equipment described above.

Highest Quality Standards

All components and equipment were inspected and tested in our plant.

Installation Supervision

MAC engineers and technicians furnished on-site installation advice.