OEM Electrical Components and Aftermarket Renewal Parts

We offer a full line of electromechanical component parts used in locomotive and transit car builder’s propulsion and electrical systems.

Our products range includes bus bars, blowout coils, contact tips, contactors, armatures and cable harnesses. We design and manufacture parts to meet custom requirements and we build to drawings and specifications. Our engineers, technicians and machinists can deliver virtually any type of power distribution component for use on locomotive, rail car, people mover or light rail vehicle.

From planning and building to maintaining your transit system, MAC has the OEM electrical components and parts to keep things running

OEM Electrical Components Design

Whatever your project needs, our team of experienced engineers, technicians, and craftspeople can design the ideal custom OEM components to your exact specifications. We offer power distribution components for virtually every electrified transit system, including locomotives, rail cars, and light rail, and we will work closely with you to ensure your component meets your requirements.

OEM Electrical Components Engineering

Our highly trained and experienced engineers are experts in electromechanical parts and system design, as well as HMI integration and programming. Our services include custom parts and fabrication, as well as customizing and enhancing existing components. We can even reverse-engineer difficult-to-find OEM components if necessary. No matter the complexity of your proposed project or the stage it has reached, it is in safe hands with MAC’s engineers.

OEM Electrical Components Manufacturing

Here at MAC, we are in-house manufacturing experts with a well-equipped machine shop. This means that we can handle every aspect of your custom OEM components requirements, from design to manufacturing, testing, and quality control, ensuring that you receive only the highest quality of work. Pre-assembly of electrical components is also available if required, delivering the parts to you in a ready-to-use state.

OEM Electrical Components Installation

Our relationship with you does not end when we have manufactured and delivered your OEM electrical components. We can also work with you during the installation phase, offering support on integrating your custom OEM electrical components into your system, troubleshooting any problems, and ensuring that every part functions as expected.

Contact MAC Products to keep your electrified transit project on track

Contact MAC Products to keep your electrified transit project on track

To learn more about working with us on your custom OEM electrical components, get in touch with our team today. We will be pleased to have a no-obligation discussion of your project and requirements.

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