Throughout the years, MAC has earned a strong reputation for on-time delivery of critical, high quality products for electric utility transmission and distribution systems.

Electric Utility

MAC is North America’s leading producer of pressurizing and circulating plants. We custom engineer, design, build and, if required, install both mechanical plants and PLC state-of-the-art advanced applied technology plants providing complete remote operational control and communication.

Field Service, Training and Technical Assistance

We provide technical assistance to help you evaluate system needs and define and refine specifications for your pipe-type cable system, as well as equipment design. We offer on-site operational training, classroom system and operational training…

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Pipe-type Cable System Components and Splicing Accessories

We manufacture a complete array of high and extra-high voltage pipe-type cable joints and accessories, including joint casings, trifurcating terminations, splice kits, compression cable connectors, dry and oil impregnated…

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Portable Pressurizing Plants

For emergency use in the event of a malfunctioning pumping plant, MAC portable pressurizing plants are designed for emergency use during the replacement of an existing or a malfunctioning pumping plant. They provide temporary…

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Forced Cooling and Circulating Plants

MAC Forced Cooling Plants are designed to increase the carrying capacity of pipe-type cable feeders by cooling the dielectric fluid circulating through feeder cable pipelines. The cooling loop consists of the feeder, plant inlet and outlet pipelines…

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Self-Contained Skid Units

MAC designs, builds and installs, pressurization and circulation “skid” units in which pumps, valves, piping and controls are all on a small self-contained frame and the only significant component not on the skid is the tank…

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Pressurizing and Circulating Plants

MAC pressurizing/circulating plants are custom designed to meet your specifications,manufactured in our own facilities, and tested against the highest quality standards to meet the critical performance…

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Other Services

With a unique blend of modern manufacturing facilities, highly experienced and skilled engineers, technicians, and craftsmen, MAC produces high quality products that meet the needs of the most demanding industries.

Electrified Transit

We offer engineering, design and equipment specification assistance for DC power transmission, distribution, communication and control equipment.

Custom Fabrication

MAC has a diverse capabilities related to the design and fabrication of electromechanical products and equipment. You can rely on our experienced team of estimators, engineers and manufacturing personnel to provide you with a thorough and accurate proposal.