Pipe-type Cable System Components and Splicing Accessories

MAC carries the largest inventory in North America of these types of splicing items, in addition to low-pressure gas and oil filled splicing materials and accessories.

We manufacture a complete array of high and extra-high voltage pipe-type cable joints and accessories, including joint casings, trifurcating terminations, splice kits, compression cable connectors, dry and oil impregnated cable insulating tapes, and other splicing accessories and components. 

With the largest inventory of splicing components in North America, we supply and manufacture a complete array of pipe-type cable system joints and accessories

Cable System Design

We manufacture, stock, and supply a vast selection of pipe-type cable system components, joints, and accessories. With over 50 years of experience, we utilize our extensive industry knowledge to design and create products of superior quality and functionality. From copper compression connectors and accessories to the cable joints that allow for the orderly arrangement of equipment, we are proud of our market-leading products and would be pleased to discuss your needs for any custom-made product design.

Cable System Engineering

Our experienced engineers utilize their decades of experience and cutting-edge research into industry trends and technologies to create high-quality products that meet exacting contemporary standards. For example, with the growing use of aluminum in electrical conductors, we have drawn upon the need for aluminum connectors, terminals, and limiters to develop an entirely new technology.

Cable System Installation

In addition to designing, engineering, and manufacturing our pipe-type cable system components and accessories in-house, we are also able to offer an installation assistance service to our clients. Whatever stage your project has reached, our highly skilled and efficient team will support you in your efforts to get things up and running as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Cable System Manufacturing

Like our clients, we expect the highest quality from our products. That is why every component is manufactured internally in our dedicated machining workshop. We custom fabricate and assemble each piece in-house and perform a robust quality control check before your components are delivered to you, ensuring that every item meets the standard you expect.

Keep your electric utility systems flowing with MAC Products’ components and accessories

Keep your electric utility systems flowing with MAC Products’ components and accessories

To learn more about any of our pipe-type cable system products or to discuss a custom-made design, contact a member of our team to start the conversation today.

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